Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's been a whole year and I am still here!

Hello everyone out there in blogger land! Yes, I am still here (for anyone who even cares). It has been well over a year since my last entry but I am still here.

A lot can happen in one year...(lol) a whole lot!!! Some I will tell you and some I will not. (Weird! That kind of sounded Dr. Seuss-ish.)

Anyways, what has happened in my life since March of 2007? Oh yes, I left off with telling you that my sister Kimberly was born. She has grown a lot since then and is now 17 months old. Ah! My parents are going to have their third child in December...a baby boy! That will be...exciting? My almost 3 year old brother has grown a lot since then as well. He can say a ton of words and makes the silliest faces I have ever seen a boy of that age do.

I successfully made it through my second year of college. What a relief! Throughout the course of this year I have also learned of what the Lord wants me to do as far as a career in life, at least generally. I have felt led to become a counselor, specifically a marriage counselor. As the months go by I develop a deeper passion for the occupation and a larger library of marriage/relationship books. I probably have over thirty of them and try to recommend them to all of my dating friends. Lol!

This summer has sort of drolled by. Without a job, money or a car...well, I'm sure you can imagine. I am so glad it is near the end. Only one more week until school starts back up again for yet another adventurous year of college. Oh how I do love the college life despite all of the classes and homework. And how I do miss all of my dear friends!

(These last two sentences sound so British. I just finished watching a 5 hour long BBC production of Pride and Prejudice. It's kind of taken affect... I absolutely LOVE that book! And for those of you who are wondering, no I did not watch it all in one sitting. It was split into two DVDs that I watched at separate times.)

Now, if my computer will load them I will post some pictures for you. Mostly of my two youngest siblings and then some recent pics of my mom's family. Dial-up, I beg of you, PLEASE load these pictures!!!

Here is a picture of me with my mom, step-dad, sister Rachel and step-brother Johnathan.

Rachel, Johnathan and me.

Rachel, my mom and me.

Me and my adorable brother Ronnie.

And here is my adorable sister Kimmie.

I wish I could post more pictures but unfortunately it takes WAY TOO LONG to load just one picture. Maybe after I get to school where there is high speed internet will I post more. Until then...

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kyrandavid said...

Megan, it was so very cool to read your blog & even neater to read about your life in Christ. I love it! AND I'm so glad I got to see your mom. She always made time for me when I was little & we were visiting.
Your cousin, Kyra