Monday, March 26, 2007

Well, well, I can't believe I'm actually blogging. For some reason blogging has lost its appeal to me. Or maybe it's the fact that I don't have much time, and when I do have spare time on my hands I don't even think of my blog.

So anyways, last week my step-mom had her baby.


It is a very beautiful (from what everyone back home says)little girl. She was 7 lbs 2 oz, and 20 inches long. Her name is Kimberly Roujeanne Walsworth.

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures yet.

I'm going home Friday and I'll be able to see her then. My dad was telling me that my 15 month old brother, Ronnie, would not stop kissing her. Actually, I do have a picture of him kissing her. (I'm currently at work right now so I can't get the picture. I'll have to put it on later.) He is so sweet.

Wow. I really don't have that much to say. Maybe this is why I do not blog anymore.

Other than classes, work and homework there isn't really anything else to my life right now.


Eileen said...

Hi Megan, I happened upon your blog, and was surprised to know that I go to your Dad and stepmoms church. You have met me, but of late I have not been there for I have been here in Florida since April 31st, will be home September 5th, But I want to tell you, that it was good to read some of your blogs. Sounds a lot like me when I was your age. What ever you do, don't give up. God is always there and He truley cares. I just wanted to say hi. May God Bless and keep you as you follow God's guidence for your life. May He bless and keep you. Love & Prayers, or Eileen

Eileen said...

Hey you must be pretty busy huh? I check every once in awhile to see if you have updated your blog. I really enjoy viewing blogs. I hope I will see something soon. Love & Prayers, Eileen

H.O.P.E. said...

Megan, I sure would like to be able to correspond with you. Please get in touch with me by clicking name on here or the Eileen one. I pray you have good day.