Thursday, February 5, 2009

Something New

I must show you all the coat I found for my trip to Ireland! It makes me happy!

The coat matches my rain boots!

Here are some random pictures I took to test out what my camera can do.

Here are some pictures of snowflakes I took a few days ago. Seeing how intricate each snowflake is just reminds me how awesome God is. Each snowflake has its own unique design. But not only is each snowflake different, each point of one snowflake is exactly the same (relatively).
(I just want to know, what happens to the Whos in Whoville when the snowflake melts?)

These books and the clock are from Mr. Profitt's office. I was bored.

This turned out really cool. The picture was taken in the reflection of my phone. The camera focused in on itself.