Sunday, January 14, 2007

A meeting with the Almighty

God met with me today.

I went to the Scarlet Oaks Nursing Home ministry and Dan Hubble gave an excellent message about putting our trust in God. He opened by saying that if people afterwards go up to him and tell him what a wonderful speaker he is, then he has left the pulpit a failure. But, if they tell him that God met with them during the service then he has accomplished what he was supposed to do.

Yes, the Lord met with me today.

His sweet presence came and comforted me during the worship service, Mike, Michelle and Mrs. Miller's specials, the prayer, and Dan's message. It was something I really needed and longed for. Dan preached about trusting in the Lord and giving our cares to the unchanging God of yesterday, today and forever. I've always had a strong faith in God. It's one of my spiritual strongpoints I guess. I don't ever remember doubting Him about anything. It's such a joy to be able to give everything over to God to take care of. It reminds me of when I was a little girl, and how I never worried about a thing because my daddy was a big, strong man who could handle anything and seemed anyways. Lol.

Yes, my Comforter met with me today.

Yesterday, Satan kept bugging me about a certain issue, and I just had to keep rebuking him and call upon my Lord. During the service today, God just whispered in my ear, "Don't trip up now, keep your eyes on Me. Let Me take care of you and don't worry about a thing." Reassurance is a VERY comforting thing....especially when it comes directly from the mouth of God.

Yes, my Sustainer met with me today.

It is a privilege to serve a God who not only has the power to take care of our every need, but cares enough to take the time to reassure us that we are on the right track. I like the way someone mentioned it in their testimony one day. God isn't there just waiting to check us off his list and cast us away from Him. He's there cheering us on, waiting for us to make it to the finish line. He wants more than anyone for us to make it to Heaven. I love him with all of my heart; He is so precious to me.

Yes, Jesus met with me today.

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