Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mmm, burgers!

Tonight I got to enjoy a little twist to my Sunday evening. I went over to Zach and Kristen's (Steinbrook) apartment for dinner! We had a lovely time with a few other friends just visiting and eating.

Zach, being the master chef of the household, made these delicious turkey burgers. They looked like something out of a gourmet cook book. They smelled heavenly and had such a mouth watering, savory flavor.

He first sauteed onions, cherry tomatos and minced garlic and packed it into the ground turkey. Then he took cubes of cheese and stuffed them into the center of the patty. After grilling the patties he topped the burger with more sauteed onions and tomatos and served it on a bun.

I can't emphasize enough how wonderful they were! Here are some pictures just to make you even more jealous. Hehehe!

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Melissa Phelps said...

I vote the next party be at Zach and Kristin's :)

Lol, glad you had a happy burger. Isn't it funny how much food can cheer a person up? Maybe it's one of those college kid things