Thursday, December 25, 2008

Facebook F.Y.I.

For all you Facebook users, newbies and prospectives let me fill you in on a little tip that may help you with your Facebooking skills.

Using the Inbox:
Did you know that you can send the same message to multiple people! It's great if you want to say "Merry Christmas!" "Have a nice break!" "See ya'll when school resumes," etc.

Let's say you want to reply to the person who sent you and ten other people a nice little message. Well...just know that it goes to ALL those other people. So make sure you don't say anything personal.

(....lesson learned the hard way)


Ike said...

ooooh, I sense a possibly embarrassing story!

Megobuddy said...

Well, not really embarrassing, but something personal and confidential.

Alanna said...

Fortunately, I don't have a facebook - so nothing to worry about! If I did get a facebook account I know I wouldn't get anything done! :)

Is your coat from Target? They had some really cute and unique yellow, green, red, and blue coats there. I thought about getting one, but decided to keep wearing my light green one! Can't wait to see it!

Megobuddy said...

No, I got it from Old Navy on sale. I bought it in mind for Ireland. I just hope that it's not TOO heavy.