Saturday, April 11, 2009

Friday evening adventure

Seth, this is for you...(lol)

What does a group of friends do on a rainy, dreary Friday evening?

Well, here were the options:
- Jungle Jim's (interesting, but too far)
- Coffee and a bookstore (typical)
- Bowling (cost money)
- Easter egg hunt (adventurous!)

Can you guess which one we decided to do? Yep, an Easter egg hunt in the rain at Ault Park.

Mel bought the eggs (and chocolate!) and off we were to the park. She and Seth were designated to hide the eggs up near the pavilion.

Meanwhile Sam, Isaac and I played Frisbee. (FYI: If you ever play Frisbee in the rain and don't want to get too wet, it IS possible to play with an umbrella in one hand. It's been tested and proven by moi.)

Finally, Seth and Mel informed us to take our places as the hunt was about to begin.

24 eggs. Three ambitious hunters. Weapon of choice: sharp keen eyes. Transport of victims: Hoodie pockets.

After about an hour of meticulous searching, through bushes, under benches, behind walls, we finished with five eggs still unfound.

Isaac, in third place, successfully caught 4 eggs.
Sam, in close second, caught 7.
And I, in first, caught 8.

After many more minutes of Seth and Mel trying to remember where they hid the other five eggs, we left with two still remaining in the shadows of the Ault Pavilion. May they consider themselves lucky. As for the poor unfortunate yolks of the captured nineteen, may they rest in peace wherever Mel put them.


Alanna said...

no pictures?? I NEED pictures! lol. Sounds like fun - so funny that they forgot where they put the ones that were never found. :)

Megobuddy said...

So sorry Laney! I wasn't brave enough to take my camera out into the rain, so unfortunately we do not have pictures. :(

Wayfaring Gypsy said...

great post! sounds like a blast -- and like my friends. Oh the amazing memories college will hold for each one...:D

Melissa Phelps said...

I have about 5 pictures of sopping wet people. And there was only ONE egg we couldn't find. We concluded it washed away from it's hiding spot because we checked every spot. I can send the pics to you latah.