Saturday, April 18, 2009

Can you say, "AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!"

It was a beautiful, sunny, warm Saturday. Perfect day to go play volleyball!

We round up about 25 or so people and head to Riverfront for some rousing games of v-ball. To make a long story short, we took a wrong turn at Riverfront and ended up at the Sphinx and Pyramids of Giza (a bunch of kids overtook the courts and decided to build a 3-D replica of Egypt).

So on the road again we were, a caravan of 4 cars, to Highland Heights, KY to play volleyball at some place Chris new of.

Tiffany, Isaac and I rode with Leanna - third car of the motorcade. We were having a great time enjoying the thrill of having the sun roof open, the wind blowing through our hair, Isaac acting like a dog with his head hanging out the window. Life was good. Here's Tiffany and Isaac evidencing a pleasant and enjoyable car ride.

Then it happened (*DUN, dun, dun...*)!

"Leanna, that's our exit! Ryan just got off! Quick, quick!!!"

In a matter of approximately 10.5 seconds Leanna veers across the right lane from the left lane, cuts off an old granny in a Cadillac, and just barely makes the exit.

At one point I look back and see the Caddy just inches away from Leanna's bumper. I think I was holding my breath and screaming at the same time.

Tiffany had an, "I'm-gonna-die-and-I-don't-think-I-really-need-to-use-the-bathroom-anymore!" look:

Isaac was rather calm. I think his reaction was more in reference to Tiffany:

Apparantly, the old lady in the Cadillac looked something like this:

And Leanna, well...she was enjoying the high of adrenaline:

Thank the Lord we made it safely! And I will also add that Leanna did very well despite the circumstances. I have video evidence to prove that Isaac, Tiffany and I all vouch for her as a good driver.

Just for kicks::


Leanna said...

Thanks for vouching for me as a good driver. I'm beginning to think that is too kind. If it wouldn't have been for my passengers, I never would have realized how I scared that lady to death. Btw, that is so not a cute pic of me, although my flying hair does accentuate the emotion of the moment.

Melissa Phelps said...

Wish I coulda gone too... although we had lots of fun and happy food.
I love the pics and how nearly everyone has their mouth open :)

Wayfaring Gypsy said...

Funny. Accurate. Pics not flattering. I'm ok with that.

(Mel's mouth would've been open too.):D

Alanna said...

it's amazing that you were able to catch the whole thing on camera!! ;) You must be fast. lol

Sam said...

Love the post. and the coordinating pictures. clevah!

Melissa Phelps said...

*snort of laughter*
I know I already commented, but I read it again and it made me laugh all over again.
Love the faces by Isaac and your lovely comments.