Monday, October 27, 2008

Starbucks, Friends and Homework

After coming through a wonderful weekend, I had a very pleasant evening with friends. Dwayne, Shane, Jaleesa, Melissa, Sam and I all went to the Secret Starbucks to study. That's it, that's all we did, just study. But it was a nice change to my rather dull schedule.

If ever you want a fun, interesting experience just hang out with these people. You'll spend hours quoting movies, acting out hypothetical scenarios, drinking coffee, and making awesome memories.

What a wonderful way to start out my week.


Melissa Phelps said...

So fun. You were so impressively studious! ;)

Sam said...

I feel complimented. - You're a great groupie.

Dwayne said...

That's it. Just study. Right... Lol.

It was a great time! We need to do it again sometime. :-D

Lil Joe... said...

Acting out hypothetical senarios??
wait... I didn't get the memo they weren't real...
;) love ya Meg

Alanna said...

hmm - secret Starbucks? where is that? lol Glad you had fun.

Megobuddy said...

In reply to Jaleesa's comment:

1. a hypothetical possibility, circumstance, statement, proposal, situation, etc.;

Perhaps this wasn't the right word to use. I was simply trying to explain....wait, let me just give an example, "The memoirs of Jaleesa and Melissa..." What would you call this rambling of sorts about things that are not real? THIS is what I was trying to describe.