Sunday, October 12, 2008


This year I helped the college Sophomore class with their booth at Homefest to advertise the costumes for the Christmas program. Several students dressed up in the outfits to spread the word that we are in need of more suits and dresses.

Bethany, the class president, found four guys to dress up in the suits and top hats: Kin Hurst, Dustin Muir, Isaac and Seth Owens. Last year I helped her create beards for the male characters in the Christmas program, and this year we are going to put sideburns and mustaches on the guys. So to help authenticate the look we created sideburns for these four guys.

It really is a lot of fun and they look SO cool!

Bethany made Dustin and Kin's sideburns. Dustin kept cracking me up. I think he had WAY too much fun in this get up.

I made Isaac and Seth's. They both looked VERY cool! Unfortunately I do not have a picture of Seth.

Here Isaac was acting like a mannequin. He does it so well that it is kind of creepy. (I don't understand why I kept opening my mouth like that but it looks stupid. Just ignore it.)


Melissa Phelps said...

It doesn't look stupid and I won't ignore it. Fun pics.

Sam said...

Same here. I refuse to ignore it. It's a fun face pose. (Which is a good thing) Smile!

Megobuddy said...

Thanks guys.