Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Blue Moon

Today I was able to enjoy one of summer's best experiences: Blue Moon Ice-Cream. Many of you have never tasted, let alone heard of, Blue Moon. This is because it comes from the great state of Michigan!

The flavor is indescribable. All I can say is that it is SO delicious...and BLUE! Eating this ice-cream brings back childhood memories of when I was just 4 or 5 years old going to the ice-cream store my dad worked at as a teenager to get Blue Moon ice-cream, eaten in a homemade waffle cone. Or sitting in the Meijer Purple Cow Cafe with Grandpa Byers, while mom and grandma shopped, eating Blue Moon ice-cream. Or stopping by the ice-cream stand in Silver Lake after a day at the beach to get Blue Moon ice-cream.

Who knew that so many memories could be stored in one flavor of ice-cream!


Melissa Phelps said...

On of my favorites as a child!!!
All my favorites now include chocolate or pecans, but i should try blue moon for the hey of it.

Eileen said...

My grandchildren love blue moon ice cream.
Hello I read your blog and the one about if you were the only one still blogging. I have not been blogging cause I was spending to much time on fb. I was just telling myself tonight enough of that. Matter of fact when I was on my blog tonight is when I happened upon on you blog. It was so interesting. I told myself that I am going to have to spend more time back on here. So Lord willing I am going ot do just that. So keep in touch and I hope to be posting more soon. Until then the Lord bless and keep. Thanks for sharing.