Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas break, end of first semester and the realization of a new beginning

Christmas break; I haven't been dreading it, but I haven't exactly been anticipating it either. Two whole weeks of crashing at home and being able to relax. No homework, no obligations, nothing. What more could a college student ask for, right? Well, that's just it. I've realized that my home is no longer in Michigan with my Dad, Step-mom, sister and brother. Odd some may say. I've only been away for 4 months and I already feel like a stranger in my own land.

What is wrong with me?!?!

I feel so homesick for the campus and people of GBS; the place I've had to call my home for the past semester. Yes, I love my family to death, and I love being with them. But as soon as I got back home I only felt like a visitor. Is this normal?

I've been told by many older folks that they went through the same transition. I'm an official, legal adult now. The feeling I had before I started college, of wanting to remain a kid forever, is now gone (thank goodness!). I know that I will always have learning to do, and I will always need my parents, but I won't always need to be with them. Knowing that now is my turn to go out and start a new life is so exciting. Go to college, find a husband, start a family, and the whole cycle will start all over again with my children. I've found that it is a little scary (especially when you have no moolah), but that is when I can look towards God and fully rely on Him.

As an inexperienced 18 year old, I still have my entire future to look forward to. Sure, I know I will go through some ups and downs, some pains, some failures, some accomplishments and more, but it's all a part of this dreaded, anticipated journey we call life.

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