Friday, June 26, 2009

Days 2 & 3

It is late, but I will still blog.

Days two and three have now passed since my surgery and things are going well - 'well' as in things are not critical or life-threatening. Some mishaps come along but overall I'm doing just fine.

Yesterday, my foot was still in quite a bit of pain. I was in bed the whole day with a nauseous stomach. One of the medicines I took made me feel a little sick and I didn't eat much. My sustenance for the day consisted of a few bites of toast for breakfast, half of a tuna sandwich for lunch and a few bites of dry Oatmeal Squares for dinner. I ran a fever of 100 part of the day as well.

I dozed in and out of sleep (since I didn't get any the night before). Toward the end of the day I watched Nacho Libre for the first time. Now I can follow everyone who quotes that movie. "GET THAT CORN OUT OF MY FACE!"

Around 7:00 PM I was able to take a shower!!! That made me happy. I found that I was able to put pressure on my feet without losing my hearing or seeing black spots. That was good. It worked out quite nicely. I sat on a stool in the stall shower with my feet (wrapped in plastic bags) hanging outside of the curtain. The hose shower head made it even easier for me. I felt so refreshed! Afterward, however, my feet were screaming. By the time I got back in bed I noticed my right ankle was swollen and sore.

I was able to sleep a little better than the night before, but still didn't get more than 5 hours.

This morning, the third day, my grandmother and I went down to Muskegon to visit the doctor for my post-op. He redressed my feet with yellow, smiley-faced gauze and said everything looked just fine. I took a few pictures of my feet without the bandages and *gulp* they look disgusting! They are chubby, orange (from the iodine) and somewhat misshaped right now (because of the swelling). I said, "Grandma, my toes look like sausages!" I could, but WON'T, post them anywhere! I go back in two weeks to get the stitches taken out.

I got back home and it was such a beautiful day that I decided to sit outside on the porch. I got all situated in my wheel chair and of course with something major like foot surgery Murphey's Law has to kick in. The first accident to happen to my right foot (the one that has been in the most pain mind you) was having a bag of fireworks poppers spilled all over my "moon boot." Not a major deal. I was just afraid of the sawdust getting into my boot.

(Sorry dad, I gotta tell on you for these.) Next, my dad is trying to adjust the foot rest of the wheel chair to fit the length of my leg. My foot gets in the way and he absent-mindedly swats it away. (It really didn't hurt, but I teased him about it. Hehe!) Only minutes after that I was trying to get the foot rest in the most comfortable position and asked my dad to hold the bottom of it while I pulled the lever to let it go down. I thought he had grip on the bottom so I released the lever. He apparently wasn't ready yet and down dropped my foot. As it dropped my dad, trying to save my foot, pushed up on the bottom of the foot rest actually twisting my foot in a direction that was most UNcomfortable. It felt like my stitches split wide open. It only hurt for a few seconds, and I'm sure the stitches didn't bust, but I sure did tease my dad about that, too. Lol! That all happened to my poor right foot. =(

After that I just couldn't find a comfortable position, there were little kids everywhere and I was certain Murphey's Law would have its way, so I decided to head back down to my the basement...where the sun doesn't shine.

Later, my aunt came over and we watched a few more episodes from the Christy series that we started a couple weeks ago, my sister and I looked up some old friends on MySpace and now I am sitting here typing this.

Now it's REALLY late and I need to get some rest. I look down at my feet and ponder the irony displayed on my bandages - yellow smiley-faces. My feet are not smiling right now. If anything they are grimacing in pain.

*As a public disclaimer, I do not really believe in Murphey's Law.*


Meem said...

Especially since you can't spell it correctly.

Wayfaring Gypsy said...

So - I'm thinking I may refuse to ever watch Nacho Libre...just b/c I can. ;-D

And - I'm glad you're bandages are smiling...think of me when you see them. LOL!

Also - I think I believe in, really...

Take care - of that right foot! ;-)

Megobuddy said...

Yeah, I wouldn't blame you for not wanting to watch it. There are some funny parts I must admit, but for the most part it is stupid. I have had one of the songs he sings stuck in my head for the past 3 days!

It's been a close toss up (*To believe, or not believe - THAT is the question*). But then I remembered all those philosophies people talk about - "If you believe in something strong enough it will come true, it will be real, or it will happen." I thought, "I'm too pessimistic as it is. I'll just go along with this philosophy and believe strong enough that it isn't real...and it won't be." And that is that.